Battalion level decontamination system (ZMB)
Battalion level decontamination system (ZMB)


Technical decontamination of bataillon (xx) level subunits acted on a territory contaminated by nuclear particles, or chemical warfare agents, or biological warfare agents and also partial personal decontamination of their personnel.

Main components:

Decon Trailer

  • generator (CAMINO 35DS)
  • pre-treatment module (HD-4000)
  • pre-treatment module (AMGDS-2000)
  • pre-treatment module (HDS-12/14 ST Eco)
  • hose reel with HP-hoses (3 pc)
  • central control panel
  • area lighting equipment

Additional Equipment (on a Raab H-18):

  • water tank (3000 l, stainless steel)
  • collapsible water tank (3000 l)
  • personal decon equipment
  • hot water module (HWM-3000)
  • chain crane
  • decon agents
  • equipment of the crew