Mobile CBRN Detector Box
Mobile monitoring systems
Mobile CBRN Detector Box


  • Securing VIP meetings, mobile facilities
  • High-security buildings


  • Provides comprehensive protection against CBRN threats
  • Simultaneously used CBRN Boxes automatically set up a communication network
  • Monitoring capability of a large area via the network of CBRN boxes
  • Extends the capability of the common security elements
  • Portable, easy to install
  • Does not require expert personnel
  • Rugged, can be used under extreme weather conditions
The CBRN Detector Box detects the presence of chemical, biological substances and nuclear radiation. The system offers an overall view and fast response to nearly all challenges. It detects chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and a wide range of toxic industrial chemicals (TICs). The applied biological alarm monitor is continuously analyzing particles in the air searching for specific signatures of bacteria or toxins such as anthrax, plague, Botox, legionella, etc., and alarms when the concentration of those particles increases. The system contains a gamma dose rate meter with an extremely wide measurement range as well and can optionally be completed with a highly sensitive scintillation detector for radiation reconnaissance. The detector box also includes a combined meteorological sensor for providing measurement data that supports the users in determining the direction of the spread of actual or potential hazardous materials and to find safe escape routes.