CBRN-E Reconnaissance Vehicle

CBRN-E Reconnaissance  Vehicle

The purpose of the CBRN-E Reconnaissance Vehicle is to provide intervening personnel dealing with CBRN-E related tasks with the appropriate equipment and working conditions they require to conduct their mission safely and effectively:

• continuous monitoring of CBRN parameters in the area of operation (the immediate vicinity of the vehicle),

• ascertainment and measurement of ground-level meteorological parameters,

• stand-off detection of chemical warfare agents (CWAs),

• collection, evaluation and analysis of the measured data, and data obtained from other system elements,

• video, audio and data communication with collaborating units and workstations,

• protected workspace for launching and controlling the CBRN-E robot that is stored in a separate compartment of the vehicle.


• CBRN filtration and ventilation system
• internal audio communication system
• on-board video-, audio- and data communication system

On-Board CBRNe Monitoring System
• gamma dose rate transmitter
• meteorological station
• chemical & biological detection system
• chemical stand-off detector
• on-board military grade computer
• event signal and alarm unit
Field equipment
• emergency medical kit
• respiratory protective equipment
• protective suits, chemical protective overalls
• CBRN-E robot accessories

Functional areas of the vehicle
• protected working area
• CBRN-E robot storage compartment
• machinery compartment
• driver's compartment