Intelligent Scintillation Detector
RadNDI Intelligent Scintillation Detector


  • Alpha-, beta-, gamma- and neutron radiation measurement
  • Medical isotope diagnostics
  • Radiation reconnaissance
  • Radiation Portal Monitor
  • Environmental monitoring


  • Embedded webserver-based analytical software
  • Remore control capability from multiple locations
  • No software installation is needed
  • Identification of nearly a hundred radionuclides


  • Easy to integrate into existing systems (SDK, Modbus)
  • Quick and easy user calibration
  • Amplitude spectrum up to 4096 channels
  • Radionuclide identification, activity estimation
  • Expandable isotope library
  • Dose rate measurement (Gy/h, Sv/h)
  • Storage of measurements and event files (N42)
  • Independent secondary spectrum measurement tasks during operational measurement
  • ANSI/IEEE N42.42-2020 compliant data format
  • Authentication of saved files with digital signature
  • Wired and optional wireless communication
  • Ingress protected (IP68) version, decontaminable housing
RadNDI is an intelligent scintillation detector for the separate or simultaneous measurement of alpha-, beta-, gamma- and neutron radiation with the corresponding scintillator. It is suitable for the identification of radionuclides, measurement of radiation level in counts per seconds [cps], as well as gamma and X-ray radiation in ambient dose equivalent rates H*(10) [Sv/h]. The analyzer is built into the detector, the instrument contains all necessary electronics for data acquisition and evaluation. RadNDI's design and the applied materials ensure that it can be used under diverse operational conditions, indoors and outdoors, for fixed or mobile applications. In the appropriate configuration it is able to initiate local visual and audible alarms. RadNDI has self-diagnostic capabilities. The detector implements automatic energy stabilization using the naturally occurring K-40 isotope.

Technical parameters

Measurement range for γ radiation
30 nSv/h ... 240 μSv/h
Isotope identification
Expandable isotope library.
Radionuclides in the basic library:
K-40, Co-57, Co-60, I-131, Ba-133,
Cs-137, Ir-192, Ra-226, Th-232, Am-241
Energy range
20 keV ... 3 MeV
Gamma spectrum
512 ... 4096 amplitude channels
Energy stabilisation
natural background
Adjustable measurement time range
0.1 s ... 30 days
RS-485: Modbus (RTU), Encrypted
protocol, SDK
Ethernet: Modbus (TCP), Webserver,
Encrypted protocol, SDK
D38999 series III, 13-35, pins, N key
Calibration and test
User calibration and self-diagnostics
Power supply
9 ... 32 VDC or POE / 5W
Operational temperature range
-30 °C ... +55 °C
IP20 for or indoor, IP68 for
outdoor and underwater use,
EMC conformity IEC 61017
Dimensions, weight
IP68, with 2"x2" NaI(Tl) crystal:
75x351 mm (øxL), 1.65 kg
Webserver based user interface
with hardware setup and control