93M Individual Protective Suit
93M Individual Protective Suit

Components of 93 M NBC suit set:

  • 93 M jacket with an integrated hood
  • 93 M trousers
  • 93M protective gloves (rubber gloves, cotton gloves)
  • 93M protective boots
  • 93 M protective socks
  • 93 M carrying case

The 93 M  Individual Protective Suit  is a composite clothing system consisting of a 100% cotton based SARATOGA™ highly activated carbon filter layer manufactured by BLÜCHER GmbH and a treated outer fabric. The capacity of the extremely hard spherical absorbers (200gr/m2) combined with a suitable outer layer provides the wearer with the best protection against the effects of chemical warfare agents and other toxic substances in gas, vapour or liquid form. Its protection capability against CW gases has been proven in many tests carried out by TNO and meets the NATO requirements. The 93 M Individual Protective Suit with its high air and water vapour permeability guarantees a very long wearing time. The 93 M Individual Protective Suit is washable and can be decontaminated. The high quality outer layer is water and oil repellent. Continuously high quality and standards are ensured by RESPIRÁTOR Company's ISO 9001 and AQAP Certificates.

Available in 5 sizes:

  • S (46-48)
  • M (50-52)
  • L (54-56)
  • XL (58-60)
  • XXL (62-64)

Technical parameters

Spherical absorbers' capacity : 200gr/m2