First Responder Decontamination Kit (BMK)
First Responder Decontamination Kit (BMK)


First responder decon-tamination kit can be used by first responder teams for self and per-sonal decontamination after carrying out their tasks on a CBRN con-taminated territory.

Main units:

  • protective equipment decontamination set:
  • decontamonation pool (with pneumatic brim),
  • plastic pallet (0.8 * 0.6 m) - 6,
  • decontamination ring (with 8 nozzles) - 2,
  • decontamination kit (DS-5),
  • waste water pump,
  • personal decontamination set:
  • personal decontamination tent (air-supported, 2.0 * 2.0 * 2.4 m),
  • personal decontamination scaffold (2* fixed and 2* hand showers),
  • plastic pallet (0.8 * 0.6 m) - 6,
  • waste water pump,
  • water supply module (RBA-35KVi)
  • with fuel source (= 10L-canister),
  • with water filter unit,
  • collapsible water tank (3000L) (for clean water)
  • collapsible water tank (4000L) (for waste water)

Main characteristics:

  • capacity: 24 persons/hour
  • need in water: 1,160 L/h

Operating possibilities:

Using of this equipment in full autonomy is not planned, so it requests outer (230V) power supply. Its collapsible water tank (3000L) can serve as a water source or it can be supplyed from pipe system (reducer is included).

This development project won a KMOP-1.1.4-09-2010-0084 support.