Handheld Radiation Reconnaissance Instrument
SFK  Handheld Radiation Reconnaissance Instrument


  • Localisation of lost or hidden sources
  • Secondary screening
Three functions in one instrument:

Detector: Highly sensitive, large scintillation detector with RPM mode.
Finder: Detector head with narrow directional sensitivity to find point-like sources.
Decision supporter:Built-in customizable alarm process handling with automatic report generator.

Identifier: Radionuclide identification function with expandable isotope library.

The SFK is based on Gamma Technical Corporation's well proven intelligent scintillation detectors. The basic combination of a scintillator and PMT is integrated with a preamplifier, analyser and a HV power supply. The probe is built into an environment-proof, robust housing and combined with a rugged tablet PC that runs the versatile spectrometric software, thus providing a highly effective device for finding radioactive sources.

Main features

Scintillation detector:
- intelligent detector with 2"x2" NaI(Tl) crystal
- detector head with 3"x 3" NaI(Tl) crystal
- detector head with narrow directional
sensitivity 1"x 1" NaI(Tl) crystal
- LaBr3 or BGO scintillator
- neutron detection
- dose rate measurement
- reconnaissance/survey capability with
integrated open access maps and GIS platform
Dose rate measurement range
30 nSv/h ... 100 uSv/h
Energy range:
18 keV ... 3 MeV (gamma)
Built-in isotope library
IP56 protection
Operating temperature range:
-20°C ...+55°C
Integrated GPS, Wi-Fi, webserver,
ANSI N42.34 support


Memory:            32 GB integrated memory
Display:               5"-es, 800x480 color TFT, capacitive touchscreen, splashproof,
                          can be used with gloves, can be decontainated
Operation:              touchscreen, 5 way joystick, on-off button
connection:            Wi-fi (802.11a/b/g/n)
USB:                    USB 2.0
Audio:                  sound signal, 3 loudness level, mute option
Sensors:          temperature,acceleration, gyroscope
Language:                  Hungarian, English
Dimensions:380 mm (L) x 110 mm (W) x 236,5 mm (H)
Weight:              3,5 kg

Other features:
                          screen dimming
                          remote user data export, adjustment, management
                          2-level access modes
                       remote software upgrade and service diagnostics

Optionally available:
                          5 Megapixel camera
                          QR-code scanner
                          user level remote operation