R05 NBC filter
R05 NBC filter

General features:

The Respirator's R05 NBC filter cartridges have metal housing made of aluminium alloy. Their inner structure consists of two different parts:
  • Activated carbon which removes the contaminating gases and vapours from the inhaled air in physical and/or chemical way.
  • Filtering part made of particular quality paper by folding. This removes the solid or liquid contaminating particles from the inhaled air.

The 05 M NBC filter was developed in accordance with the NATO Triptych requirements for use against military chemical warfare agents /hydrogen cyanide, cyanogen chloride, chloropicrin, sarin, phosgene etc./. It's fitted with High-Efficiency Particulate Air /HEPA/ particle filter and a standard connection to EN 148-1 and STANAG 4155 requirements. It's intended for use with full face mask.

The 05 M combined filter canister consists of lacquered aluminium casing and plastic cover providing resistance to corrosion and impact. The main elements, the particle filter and activated carbon have been selected to provide low respiratory resistance and weight while meeting the NATO Triptych requirements as well as requirements of EN 141.

Air flow resistance at 30 l/min is less than 120 Pa, at 95 l/min is less than 390 Pa, with gas mask less than 490 Pa. Weight is: 240 gr.


The technical parameters of the filters comply with the provisions of the NATO Triptych, STANAG 4155, EN 141, EN 148-1 standards. Tested by the TNO PML Laboratory.

Technical parameters

Mass: 240 gramm
Pressure drop by 30l/minute: <120 Pa
Pressure drop by 95l/minute: <390 Pa
Pressure drop with gas mask: <490 Pa
Threaded connection: 40 x 1/7" cord thread, according to EN 148-1 and STANAG 4155