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The short history of GAMMA Technical Corporation

Gamma was founded in 1920, and has been initially focused on work in the field of precision mechanics and electrical engineering. In 1921 it were engineers, brothers István and Zoltán Juhász, who on own savings together with 4 workers tried to realize theoretical concepts of precision mechanics. The later taken credit was used for realization of the important project development and opportunities of its manufacture. This patented invention of István Juhász became the most important export product of the company to 1940 - it was the semi-automatic guided anti-aircraft set.

At wartime the work on "peace" projects does not stop, owing to a rational and far-seeing management: among developments are lenses and cameras. In organized in the middle 30 optical division in 1940 work already 30 employees, from the beginning 1943 the shop dynamically develops. Works on the miniature camera similar to the LENC-camera, proceed even in the hardest wartime. The group of professionals develops prototypes of KINGA, REFLEX C and of course, DUFLEX.

In 1954, thanks to successful development, Gamma represents 6x6 camera. In 1955 selling contains 10 to 30 thousand pieces. With an increasing demand grows output owing to cooperation with Cable factory. To 1962 sales potential makes 170 thousand pieces.

Except for optics, Gamma is engaged in geophysical, nuclear and diagnostic development...

To be continued...