RDO-3221 KOMONDOR Light Armoured Vehicle
RDO-3221 KOMONDOR Light Armoured Vehicle


Multipurpose basic Light Armoured Vehicles providing facilities of using with their modification for interservice battle, special services and tasks.

Wide range of installed subsystems (options):

Intercom system, Overpressure System (OPS), Air Conditioning System (ACS), Automatic Fire Fighting System (AFFS), Central Tyre Inflation System. (CTIS) and or Run Flat Tyre, Inside monitor camera system, Outside day/night observation camera system for monitoring vehicle surroundings and support sternway.

Ballistic protection :

Ballistic and mine protection are according to NATO STANAG 4569 Ed.1 using metal and non-metallic materials as well safety glasses as transparent part of armour. Ballistic protection – against bullets of small & medium calibres’ weapons Mine protection – up to 3a/3b.


Prepared installation platform for armaments

Operation in night conditions:

Equipped with Night Vision Gogless (NVG) for commander and driver.


4x4 Light Armoured Vehicle
4x4 armoured cargo with half body (without 3D-modell

6x6 armoured cargo with half body
6x6 light armoured vehicle

Mobile command post; CBRN reconnaissance vehicle; Forward observer; Reconnaissance vehicle; Armoured ambulance vehicle; Mortar carrying and launcher vehicle; ATGM carrying and launcher vehicle; Air defence missile carrying and launcher vehicle; Recovery or other logistic vehicle and any other variant for special tasks.

Advantages :

  • Relatively low competitive price;
  • Flexibility to individual costumers' requirements;
  • Fast reaction to delivery of small series (even some pieces).

This vehicle was created as a result of cooperation with Gamma Technical Co. at Light armoured CBRN reconnaissance vehicle development project winned a KMOP-1.1.4-09-2010-0092 support.